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worst morning ever ;-;

First my cat jumps around here like a maniac while jumping on my desk and  throwing my speakers off (at least they didn’t break).
Then I couldn’t falll asleep anymore.
I decided to just get up and check internet, then a spider dropped from the ceiling on top of me and my cigarette burnt the floor because I jumped away.
I was watching the spider for like ten minutes (it was up again), turned on the light so I can be sure to see her and sat down again. Two minutes after she dropped on me again.
AT least I could kill her while she was on the floor, but still, I had three heartattacks and slept for like 3 hours.

Ugh I need a lot of coffee

Pandora’s tattoo

amazing <3 

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Treasure Hunter AU: Release Your Demons.

Having grown increasingly obsessed with an ancient artifact rumoured to imbue its holder with near divine power; a rogue adventurer sets out to claim the prize… (click for captions & HQ)



space baby design up for adoption!

  • All prices are USD and through Paypal only
  • Contact me via email (basumaw@gmail.com) to purchase!
    NOTE: My Paypal email is NOT the same as my commission email.
  • Payment is to be sent once I give you the OK and before I send the original, unwatermarked copy.
  • Send the Paypal payment as a service and add a note with your email address and tumblr username in the note section.
  • (Optional) It would be greatly appreciated if the additional Paypal fee is covered! Paypal fee calculator.

Signal boosts are immensely appreciated — Thank you and have a wonderful day! ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

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Lani 2.0

I miss Tippi ;-;


Hello all. Just wanted to inform you that I am dead. You can blame that last Free! episode ;-;


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HQ here ~

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